The Complete Guide To Growing House Plants

Learn all about our favorite houseplants, including fiddleleaf fig, monstera, cactus, snake plants, pilea, succulents, and air plants

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Learn more about choosing the right house plant for your home and how to care for your house plant.


Amaryllis bulbs are the perfect "intro" to house plants. Simply drop a bulb into a pot, keep it moist, and watch it grow. About 6 weeks later, you'll have gorgeous blooms. This bulb, along with paperwhites make the ideal addition to your holiday decorating. Read more about how to grow amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs.

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Air plants are not only trendy and add color and life to your home, they are also good for you! Living in Illinois, we can feel a little cooped up over the winter, yearning for something green and alive. House plants are the answer, as they add life to your home, while improving the air quality.

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Looking for a house plant? You might have one in your back yard! Many homeowners purchase tropical plants for the summer and these gorgeous plants are easily over wintered as houseplants. Read about how to over winter your tropical and keep them as houseplants here.


Monstera houseplants are so easy, they've got their own trendy hashtag. Learn why this easy to care for houseplant has gone viral.


The Snake Plant tops the list of popular houseplants.  It's spiky foliage just offers so much personality, which is why you'll find so many home design blogs these days.


One fun aspect of the Pilea is that once you buy one, you don't need to buy more. It's "babies" create a supply of new plants you can pass on to friends.

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According to the American Society for Horticultural Science, ozone, the main component of air pollution, is most often associated with outdoor air but it also infiltrates indoor environments like homes and offices. House plants are one solution.

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Herbs make the most delicious addition to any recipe and an indoor herb garden make them easy to source whenever you need them. Here's our tips on growing an indoor herb garden, along with the recommended varieties of herbs.


Mini Succulent Party Favors

Mini succulents and mini cactus are perfect for creating table decor and party favors. These trays of mini-succulents can be used as wedding or baby shower decorations or party favors. Ideal for crafting. Order bulk mini succulent plants through our website here. 

House Plant Care Basics

The best tip we can think of when it comes to house plants is "Everything in moderation." Kindof like life, right? For the most part, house plants are tropicals and require similar care. Specialty plants might require some extra fussing, but it is worth it, remember? Look for information on their plant tag, or just ask. But in general, here's our recommendations for taking care of your house plants.


  • They need some sunlight. Most house plants will be happy on a sunny windowsill.
  • Don't over water. Generally speaking, as long as the soil is moist, they have enough water. Most houseplants don't like wet roots.
  • As a tropical, most house plants prefer temps in the 60's, or within the range of typical home temps.
  • Soil is important. Make sure you choose a light soil that drains easily.
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