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See current online availability of trees, shrubs, perennials and more.

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Vegetable Gardening.

The Barn Nursery Garden Center carries a large selection of vegetables, seed starting supplies, seed and veggie sets. We have a LARGE selection of seeds and veggie sets. Call fro availability of seeds. See Current Inventory including veggies and herbs.



We are working on adding trees to our online store. Call for availability if there is something you dont see.

Shop For Trees here.

Shop for Fruit Trees here.


Gift Cards

Click here to purchase garden center gift cards online which can be immediately emailed to you or the recipient.


Order Bulk Mini Succulents

Mini succulents are perfect for parties, wedding and baby showers and crafts. Order trays of bulk mini-succulents here.



The Barn Nursery Garden Center carries a wide selection of cold weather, frost tolerant annuals.

Click here to order Pansy Bowls!

See Current Inventory of Frost Tolerant Annuals



We are working on adding shrubs to our online inventory. Call us if there is something you are looking for but dont see!



Soils & Fertilizers

The Barn Nursery Garden Center carries a large selection of soils and fertilizers for lawn, garden, container and vegetable gardening. See Current Inventory of Soils and Fertilizers.


Bulk Mulch

Bulk Mulch helps lock in moisture, prevent weeds and adds nutrients to the soil. Order bulk mulch online here.


House Plants

The Barn Nursery Garden Center carries a large selection of house plants, terrarium supplies, cactus, air plants and succulents. See Current Inventory of House Plants



We have a small selection of best selling perennials for sun and shade available now.

Perennials add color to the landscape all summer long and come back every year. Perfect for butterfly gardening!



Evergreens are ideal for adding privacy and color to the landscape, even over the winter. See & Shop from our online availability.


Custom Annual Design & Potting

Let our experts handle the dirty work! We will custom design annual containers for you that look great and impress the neighbors.

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Due to the quick turnover and seasonality of our inventory, at this time, we can only offer a fraction of our total inventory online. While we work to add more items to our online availability, remember, our garden center has almost 10 acres of annuals, perennials, native plants, trees, shrubs, evergreens and more.

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