Garden Center Closing Sale

As of December 1st, our garden center is permanently close. Some fixtures, chemical and items remain. Please contact us at 847-658-3883 if you would like to make an appointment to come in and see what is available.

We LOVE our customers and are so grateful for you and the support of our community over the last 40-plus years! THANK YOU! Our Landscape Design and Construction will continue to operate. 

Watch for more news as we re-brand!




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Please read the terms and conditions of our closing sale.


Warranty on trees & shrubs purchase prior to 9/1/21.

We will continue to honor our warranty. If you have trees and shrubs that have died and are still under warranty please send us a an email with picture of the plants and the purchase details to We encourage you to purchase replacements or other merchandise with your store credit prior to the expected close date of 11/30.


Outstanding store credits will be honored for the purchase of replacement plant material or other merchandise prior to 11/15/21. We will be unable to place special orders for plant material.

Warranty on purchases made after 9/1/21:

There will be no warranty offered on plant material on final clearance or anything purchased after 9/1/21. There will be no warranty on labor and delivery of plants purchased after 9/1/21.


Gift Cards:

We encourage anyone with gift cards to use them by 11/15/21. There will be no value after this time.




















Store hours: Closed as of December 1st, 2021.



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