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Pre-Order Spring's Earliest Blooming Perennials

Hellebores are commonly known as Lenten Roses due to their bloom time.

These cold loving perennials are largely evergreen which is why they can tolerate (and even love) the cold temps of early spring. 

The bloom of Hellebore is exquisite, and varies greatly depending on the variety. Blooms may include shades of  apricot, yellow, green, metallic blue, slate, dusky pink, maroon and white. In addition, petals may be spotted or picoteed, referring to the narrow band of darker color found on the edge of the petals. Some varieties feature double-petaled flowers, giving them a nostalgic rose-like quality.

This year, pre-order these lovely plants as an alternative to candy or cut flowers. They will be a reminder of your love for years to come.

Order now, Pick Up in Early March!